People's Board of Directors

Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Market is governed by an elected Board of Directors. Nine member-owners of People's (six consumer and three worker) are elected by the ownership, serve on the Board at any given time. The Board meets monthly, typically on the third Monday of the month, with Board committees (Finance, Planning, and Outreach and Education) meeting typically on the second Monday of the month.

The Board has three primary duties.

To fulfill these responsibilities, the Board of Directors focuses on four key areas:

The Board also oversees elections and recommends updates to the Co-op's Bylaws, the legal document that defines and guides People's. Download a pdf of the Bylaws.

Additionally, People's Board of Directors look after the best interests of the Co-op as a whole in a changing business environment; this means that policies and practices at the Co-op may change over time. Member-owners are welcome to attend regularly scheduled meetings as observers with the exception of items that are designated for Executive Session. For this month's meeting dates, please see our Home page.

Board Meeting Notes

Please see our Board Minutes Archive.

Board of Director Committees

All Co-op owners are welcome and encouraged to participate either by joining or attending one or more committee meetings. For information on what each committee does please download the Board Committee Definitions.
To apply for membership on a board committee please download the committee Application for non-board members.

Letters from the Board

Why I Serve On The Co-op's Board of Directors by Christopher Young (pdf)
Why I Serve On The Co-op's Board of Directors by Andi Briceno (pdf)
The Cooperative Business Model by Stephanie Mood (pdf)
People's Co-op Board of Directors' Goals by Stephanie Mood (pdf)